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Interview With Giuseppe Antonio Capolupo From THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA

We interviewed Giuseppe Antonio Capolupo, drummer of emerging metalcore band THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

1) How did you start playing drums and did you have any idols when you started? If yes, who were they?

-When I started playing, i didn’t really have any idols just yet since i was so young. (10 yers old) the first drummer i remembered idolizing was Travis Barker when i was a young teenager. The first live concert i ever attended was “Glassjaw, Coheed & Cambria, American Nightmare, and The Blood Brothers” when I was 13 yers old.

2) What is the story of your group coming together?

- I’m not an original member of the band, so i don’t really know their history of how they started. They hired me to fill in as their drummer in 2016 during the studio recording of the album “transit blues”.

3) How did your life change after being a part of the group?

-I retired from touring in 2011 and became a bartender, so when TDWP pulled me out of music retirement in 2016 I started touring again, spending almost half of the year on the road.

4) Is there an album which effected you more than the others?

- I enjoyed recording “The Act” the most because it was one of the more unique records in prada’s discography, and working with Producer/Engineer “Sonny DiPerri” was an absolute treat and so much fun.

5) What is the meaning of the music for you?

- Music is one of very few things that have a direct connection to human emotion. If music didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be here haha. My entire life revolves around music and the enjoyment of music.

6) The group became popular recently amongst metalcore lovers. How does it feel to touch people’s lives, to be a part of their cherrished memories and to enpower them with your music during hard times?

- It means a lot to us as a band that people find comfort and connection in our music. A lot of people in bands and the music industry love music because of its ability to bring people together no matter where they’re from or who they are. It gives us all a sense of community to feel welcomed.

7) What would you be doing if you did not pursue a music career?

- I would probably be working in film/video if I wasn’t into music, i am a big fan of visual arts.

8) Did you have a spesific moment in your career that made feel special or got you sentimental?

- When i started endorsing Zildjian Cymbals in 2008 it changed my life as a professional musician. I’ve always dreamed of endorsing Zildjian cymbals since i started playing drums.

9) What is your favorite song to play?

- I enjoy playing anything off of the Zombie Eps (both 1 and 2) and I really enjoyed “The Thread” from The Act

10) Do you have any favorites amongst the current groups? If yes, which ones?

- Dying Wish and Loathe